If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.

of people watch videos online every week.
of people watch videos online every day.

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Why does video marketing work?

Think of all the things you can say with a million words! Telling a story, making people laugh, an emotional connection, really creating an awesome message, and the best part is, people love watching videos, so they’re way more likely to click on it! Experts believe videos will take up 79% of consumers web traffic over the next few years.

What does video marketing add to your website?

It’s a personal touch to your website that establishes credibility and creates a connection with your customers by putting a human face on your business. Using video marketing gives you the opportunity to relate to customers in a personal way and that relationship can encourage conversion and boost lead generation. Who doesn’t want that?

Why does video marketing build trust?

A video gives your business an air of transparency, and transparency gives you the opportunity to build trust and loyalty with your customers. Talking to people directly, tell them your origin story, your mission statement, or explain the reasoning behind a decision that makes you unique. The more that you engage with your customers, the more of an impression you will make and the more likely they will choose your business over your competition. That’s the power of video marketing!

What You Get from Our Insanely Awesome Video Marketing Services:

  • A Google Trusted Photographer’s expertise
  • Expert advice and production to create a professional grade video that meets your business’ standards
  • Editing services to polish that video and make it look exactly how you want it
  • Personal consultation to establish the message you want your business to send and a team that gives you options to convey that message how you want
  • YouTube and Vimeo platforms to share your videos

Envision Digital Media will help you create a professional video that conveys the welcome and message you want to reach your customers as well as display the features unique to your specific business. Not only will you engage your customers more personally, you’ll establish trust by offering this exclusive look into the people behind your business’ name.

Google Trusted Photographer

Our Google Trusted Photographer will help you decide on the message you want to send to your customers and help you shoot and edit a video that not only gives your business a personality but also shows your business in the best light (literally and figuratively) possible.

Google Business View 

You can also use our Google Business View Service to offer your customers a unique 360° tour of your business to welcome them into your facility before they even set foot in the door.

We are an extension of your business