Social Media Marketing

Social media networks are the new frontier for online marketing. They’ve not only taken over as award winning procrastination strategies, they’ve changed how we look at the internet. As the Disney ride says, “It’s a Small World,” and social media has just made it smaller. When we’re on the go, we don’t even open a browser to check our newsfeeds on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social site. We go straight to the app, and that app has the ability to bring marketing straight to us. It’s such a straightforward path that you’ve got to use it to market your business, and Envision Digital Media will show you how to do it.

of shoppers' buying decisions are influenced by social media - because 90% trust peer recommendations.
of marketers indicate that their social media efforts have generated leads.

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Why is social media a good marketing strategy for your business?

Social media gives you the unique opportunity to form personal connections with people, quickly and easily. Whether it’s promoting new products, increase signups for webinars, or just building your business’ brand, social media gives you that extra kick in the marketing department. It’s a simple way for you to reach people, make them laugh, and communicate without meeting them in person. It’s a great way for you to make your business more visible, just by posting 140 characters or less!

Does social media help Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Right now, adding posts on social media doesn’t directly affect your Search Engine Optimization (SEO). However, the additional boost of exposure online certainly won’t hurt your SEO, and the way things are going, it’s very likely that soon, social media will make a difference in your ranking. The number of “tweets” and “retweets” a URL has and the number of Facebook “shares” and “likes” a URL has have already begun to boost rankings. The authority of the page is based on these factors as well and authoritative pages are ranked higher. Plus, search engines are beginning to index social media pages, and that’s that much more content your business has in its back pocket.

It seems like it should be simple. Just create a Facebook page for your company, right?


Social media management is a complex, ever-changing challenge, requiring a clear social media strategy and an expert social media consultant. Let us show you how to really engage with your audience with an effective social media campaign.

We’ll analyze your clientele’s social media usage and put it to work for you. Through analysis, marketing and direction, we’ll do the heavy lifting to create the right social media content for your SME (Small to Medium enterprise) while you watch your “likes” and “shares” turn into new business and more profitability.

Envision Digital Media social media service… What you Get!

  • Analysis of your customer’s social media presence- where they spend their time and where you should spend yours
  • An in depth assessment of how your company should approach social media
  • A custom strategy to help you engage your customers online
  • Ongoing analysis tips to help you understand what works, why it works, and what you should focus on
  • Custom content creation designed to promote your business exclusively… not your competition. Just for you.
  • Our experts see social media differently. We check out where your customers live online and we tell you how you can best get their attention. We’re the CIA for social media.
Grow leads, grow connections, grow loyalty.

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