Local Search Marketing

At Envision Digital Media, we take pride in our roots. We specialize in local search marketing, not because we’ve taken classes or read textbooks. We live and breathe local search marketing, because we are locals. We relate to the people we’re marketing to, in a way that big marketing companies can’t. Those little things that mean something to the Rhode Island college student or the local Massachusetts professional are details our team can capitalize on and use to tailor a unique marketing strategy, customized to your target audience.

More than 60% of consumers have used local information in ads.
Local searches lead 50% of mobile visitors to vist stores within one day.

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Why do you need local search marketing?

Having people in Japan finding your store but not being able to actually purchase anything does nothing for your bottom line. Envision Digital Media specializes in connecting you to the local community and driving people into your business. Building connections with the community and making yourself into a local icon helps build customer loyalty. Nothing helps businesses more than local loyalty!

What is local search marketing?

Local search marketing is about making sure that searches for local stores (restaurants, shops, services, etc..) end up on your website. This means using local words and terms, and making sure that your location is highlighted so people can find you.

How We Get You Found Where it Matters:

  • We do ongoing work with your Google Profile and Google Maps to consistently be found by the right people
  • We use a professional profile setup on Bing and Yahoo Local to cover all your search engine bases
  • We continually optimize the mobile responsiveness of your site so those smartphone searches don’t go to waste
  • We remain active in the community to stay in tune with the local climate to keep your marketing plan perfectly customized
  • We keep up with the latest technology options to find new ways to relate to local customers

Nothing trains you for local marketing like being a local.  Who better to design a marketing strategy for a community than someone born and bred in that environment?  No one, that’s who.  We are active community members and it’s those connections and personal engagements that make us qualified to design you a strategy that will get you noticed and connect you to the community.  Channeling Abe Lincoln, we’re a by the people, for the people kind of local marketing service.

We are an extension of your business