How can you create effective content, design lead generation strategies, and work a social media plan without analytics? Trick question… you can’t. Our web analytic service provides you with the raw materials that you need to tweak your strategies and design the best possible marketing plan for your customers.  Basically, they’re your business’ best friend.

Google Analytics is being used by 52.9 percent of all websites - (W3Techs)
Google Analytics #1 software choice for Fortune 500 businesses (

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What can a web analytic service tell me about my business?

That’s the beauty of it-anything you want! Want to know what article the most people clicked on? Want to know which landing page generated the most leads? Want to know which color call to action button gets the most clicks? There’s a data report for literally every aspect of marketing imaginable!

Specific Analytics Examples

  • Social Engagement
  • Call-to-Action clicks
  • Blog Clicks
  • Downloads
  • And more!

Why do I need to take analytics into account?

The data we generate tell you where the engagement is coming from. Are you getting way more clicks coming from your Twitter page than your Facebook page?  The analytics can tell you and you can reevaluate the strategy you have to get more engagement.

How do you use analytics to better my business?

Raw data is great, but it’s the application of that information that gives it the punch your business needs. We take the analytic reports and apply them- to content, to social media, to lead generation– and tweak your business strategy to include what we know. If one particular article style gets clicked on 50% more than any other article, using that style for more content will give your business a boost! We don’t just see the data-we use it to make your business that much more awesome.

We are an extension of your business